Why Pool Therapy?

Pool or aquatic therapy is an approach to active rehabilitation that takes place in the water under the supervision of a kinesiologist. Water opposes the force of gravity opening up the opportunity to reap the benefits of active rehab to those with difficulties exercising on land. The ability to swim is not required to participate in aquatic therapy. Exercises are performed in chest deep water while standing or in deep water with a floatation belt.


At Symmetrix Exercise and Rehab we employ our background in kinesiology to apply a science-based approach to exercise rehab. We work independently, or alongside your doctor or physiotherapist to help you in overcoming your injuries and reclaim an active and mobile lifestyle. Our clients love getting stronger, reducing pain and getting back to the activities they enjoy, and we love helping them get there. Sessions take place at Hillcrest Community Centre.

We help clients recover from:

  • Foot, ankle, knee or hip injury

  • Pre or post-operative joint replacement

  • Lower back pain

  • Balance or coordination problems

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Shin splints and stress fractures from running

Benefits of Pool Therapy:

  • Injury recovery

  • Pain management

  • Improved strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular capacity

  • Increased energy and function in daily life

  • Overall good health

Symmetrix Exercise and Rehab are the Pool Therapy experts in Vancouver

Since 1992 our expert expert kinesiologists have helped hundreds of rehab clients reach their goals. Our pool therapy experience covers 5 years and dozens of clients. We apply evidence-backed knowledge to aid our clients in achieving their goals and targets. As our clients overcome injuries in the pool we gradually transfer to land exercise and work on continuing to build and maintain strength and flexibility through personalized and targeted exercise plans.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I had Pool Therapy with Dasha after a meniscus tear + ACL rupture. It was hands down the best PT option for regaining mobility in a general way. Dasha was super knowledgeable, attentive and gave lots of different exercise options and modifications to fit my needs."

- Pamela

"I learned which muscles to use got my strength back very fast. Highly recommend."

- Jatinder

"Dasha is gentle but strong, and patient and knowledgeable. I feel in safe hands!"

- Allyson


Step 1: Initial Assessment

  • 1.5 hour land-based Initial Assessment $145

  • Objective Measures

  • Goal Setting and Program Plan

Step 2: Pool Therapy

  • 1 hour Pool Therapy session $95*

  • Sessions are in water in a pool

  • Ongoing reassessment of goals


* plus pool admission fee

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Active rehab in water which opposes the forces of gravity allowing for ease of movement

Active rehab in water which opposes the forces of gravity allowing for ease of movement

Pool therapy session in Vancouver

Pool therapy session in Vancouver