Kent MacWilliam

Clinic Manager, Co-Owner

Kent is the new co-owner of Symmetrix Exercise & Rehab Specialists. He enters the world of health clinics and personal training with a solid foundation of business management and science. Kent cares deeply about the environment, communities and health.

Kent holds an MSc. from McGill University in the field of Earth and Planetary Sciences. His expertise in earth science brought him around the world: Alaska, Australia and most recently Africa. Kent loves managing crews. His lead a team of samplers at Australia’s largest iron ore mine, and employees and contractors at several large field camps in the copper belt of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

After 10 years of mining exploration Kent set his eyes on making an impact in his own country. He scored top of his class in a business program at UVIC, and founded his first business soon after. His business concept came about during a long-haul bicycle tour from Vancouver to Mexico. While cruising down coastal roads with the sprawling beaches and ocean ahead for weeks at a time, Kent was inspired to design better cycling accessories. Upon his return to Vancouver he found a way to manufacture and sell these. In addition to growing his business Kent managed a team of fundraisers for a Vancouver non-profit, and joined the board of a local charity.

Personal growth, as well as physical and mental fitness are deeply ingrained in Kent’s day to day routine. He expresses this in the gym and outdoors, where he believes consistency of practice, variety of activities and seeking out new knowledges are critical to his achievement of fitness goals and enjoyment of life. Skiing, climbing and cycling make the top of his list of activities, and he stays energized by preparing lots of delicious whole foods using ingredients from his urban garden. Because he loves to get active outside, if someone's complaining about Vancouver's weather you might hear him affirm “there’s no bad weather, just bad gear”, a flashback to those seasons spent in field camps around the world.