Unhealthy workplace culture is one of the leading causes of workplace stress (1). When left unmanaged, stress in the office can lead to lower productivity, more sick days and can even affect retention over time. 

At Symmetrix we make building a healthy office culture easy. We offer a tailored approach to developing health and wellness packages that will engage your staff and super charge your office atmosphere.

We offer wellness services like

  • Wellness workshops

  • Ergonomics

  • Group fitness

  • Fitness tracking

  • Community partnerships

Wellness Workshops

Engage your staff and work on achieving company goals with a wellness workshop.  These workshops are ideal for groups of 5-40 individuals and are designed to activate and energize your staff.

Workshop topics are:

  • Fitness, Straight Up - a science based fitness seminar

  • Working Smarter - workplace ergonomics

  • Own Your Stress - stress techniques from a clinical psychologist

  • What's on Your Plate? - a session with a registered nutritionist

Group Fitness Sessions

Does your team crave movement on their lunch-break? Consider offering an energetic class over the lunch hour to activate and recharge your staff!

We offer a wide-range of in-house sessions for up to 40 people including:

  • Yoga

  • Cooking class

  • Meditation

  • Boot camp

Community Partnership

Community partnerships are a great opportunity to give back while taking advantage of a valuable team-building opportunity. With a range of charities in the area you can choose to work alongside a range of causes from environmental, healthcare or humanitarian missions. Your team will love helping a local group and doing good in your community.

Did you know? Symmetrix is already partnered with a non-profit just across the street from us- the Vancouver International Film Festival! We are active in our community, and can’t wait to help guide your community partnerships as well.

Wellness Events

We run awesome events to meet your company’s team-building goals.

Your options include:

  • Outdoor bootcamp

  • Staff hiking adventure

  • Nutritious food festival

We maximize engagement by meeting your staff’s core needs for connection, growth and variety! Our goal is to get you and your staff active and reap the benefits of collective movement.

Symmetrix wellness events are uniquely set up to help you get the most from your experience. Our professional kinesiologists apply an understanding of the science behind exercise and a wealth of experience in activities ranging from competitive sports to backcountry skiing to help create the ultimate experience for you and your team. We are nimble organizers who will work creatively with you. Our goal is to design an optimal event and crystallize a culture of health and wellness for your office.

Did you know Symmetrix does Corporate Wellness Programs too?

Whether you’re looking to build an a-la-carte program or select part of a larger wellness program, our services are designed through assessment, planning, delivery and evaluation to meet your needs. 

We’ll visit your workplace and assess your needs to improve wellness and culture in your office. Through this assessment we’ll work with you to plan sessions on issues that matter most to your employees and deliver services catered to your office. Our professional kinesiologists track progress to optimize employee wellness and provide an overall evaluation of the program.

Whether you’re looking to optimize hiring, boost employee retention, or energize your workplace culture Symmetrix health and wellness programs can help you achieve your goals. Strengthen a healthy culture in your office with the highest degree of service in Vancouver.  


Wellness Workshop

  • 1.5 hrs staff engagement

  • Setup and closing consultation

  • Lead by experienced Kinesiologist

Group Fitness

  • 1hr session

  • yoga, cooking classes, meditation, boot camp

Events and Packages

  • We prepare packages priced on your wellness needs

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Corporate wellness packages by Symmetrix are available in Vancouver and surrounding area

Corporate wellness packages by Symmetrix are available in Vancouver and surrounding area