Ergonomic Assessment in Vancouver

Sitting at a desk for long hours can put immense strain on our bodies. Often, this physical strain can lead to neck, back and wrist pain which in turn can contribute greatly to workplace stress.

Symmetrix has a simple solution to this common workplace health problem and the pains it can cause: ergonomic assessments. Keep yourself and your office happy, healthy and productive with an ergonomics assessment and consultation by a professional kinesiologist.

Symmetrix Ergonomic Assessments are for

  • Workstation set-up

  • Sit-to-stand desk arrangement

  • Strategy for neck and back pain

  • Better workplace health and wellness

Since 1992 our expert kinesiologists have helped hundreds of office staff improve their health. The Symmetrix ergonomic assessment offers an evidence-backed approach to preventing common office pains and injuries. Staff love our personal and tailored techniques and we love helping you maximize and transform your workplace experience.

“Our staff really enjoyed and appreciated having [Symmetrix’s] consult, we found their advice helpful in alleviating workplace ergonomic strains. [Their] consulting was good value for money”


“Our Company was looking for an Ergonomics provider for our HQ in Vancouver and Dasha was outstanding. From the initial phone call to the actual training, Symmetrix was professional, comprehensive and detail oriented. Our staff loved the session and we can't wait to bring them back for future learning opportunities!

-Betty Meng

What you get with your Ergonomic Assessment

We strive to ensure that each ergonomic assessment is tailored to our client’s needs. Typically an assessment consists of a 1.5 hour appointment per workstation and includes a detailed report which is delivered after the session. For sessions of 6+ workstations we offer an hourly rate with or without reporting.

Included in our Comprehensive Ergonomic Assessments for a worker is:

  • A detailed investigation of work demands, equipment used, medical history, or problem areas for worker at their work station

  • Observation of the worker performing work tasks to determine areas needing improvement

  • Ergonomic adjustment of workstation to make it as efficient as possible

  • Detailed report on assessment with recommendations for additional equipment needed to better accommodate worker at their work station

Train your internal Ergonomics trainer

Another option for larger offices is assigning and training an internal ergonomic expert such as office administrative staff. Symmetrix organizes half day on-site training with your own internal expert to teach them everything they need to know. With the knowledge your internal expert gains they will be able to deliver quality ergonomic adjustments for your staff. 

Starting your Ergonomic Assessment is easy

Symmetrix Ergonomic Assessments are a simple choice with the potential for big results when it comes to office health and happiness. Simply contact us with the number of staff workstations you would like to have assessed and your preferred start day and we’ll handle the rest.


Ergonomic Assessment

  • 1.5 hour on-site assessment

  • Detailed report delivered

  • Techniques for ongoing employee health

  • $320* per workstation

Hourly Assessment

  • Perfect for setting up a new office

  • For 6 or more workstation per visit

  • With or without report

  • $95* per hour

Train the Trainer

  • Train office staff to deliver in-house ergo adjustments

  • Half-day workshop

  • $750* to train up to 4 staff

  • * plus travel $40/hr

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Symmetrix offers Office Ergonomics for one or multiple work station

Symmetrix offers Office Ergonomics for one or multiple work station



These are the most commonly asked questions about our Ergonomics Assessments.  If you don’t see your question on this list, please contact us

How do I start with office ergonomics?

Simply contact us with a date that works for your office and the type of assessment you would like done and we’ll do the rest.

What happens during my ergonomic assessment?

Our ergonomic assessment is a 1.5 hour appointment with your staff member at their workstation alongside one of our highly-trained kinesiologists. Your kinesiologist will ask you a series of questions about your posture and work habits as well as take measurements in order to offer advice and techniques to improve your workstation setup.

Do Kinesiologists have insurance?

Yes, we are covered by the BC Association of Kinesiologists as well as covered for commercial general liability.