We are seeking …

We are seeking qualified professional kinesiologists to join our growing team in Yaletown. We are offering a contract position to work with regular and new clients at our studio.

You will perform the following tasks:

  • Perform 1 hour personal training and exercise rehab clients in our studio

  • Conduct detailed initial assessments with and communicate recommendations to clients and stakeholders

  • Chart after each client session

  • Communicate with clients to schedule sessions

  • Communicate with adjustors and health professionals about recommendations and scheduling

  • Sell packages of sessions based on treatment recommendations

  • Motivate clients and provide accountability

  • Provide ergonomic assessments and workshops for businesses

  • Promote services and clinic to potential clients

  • Keep studio clean and organized, open and close premises

  • Attend team meetings and in-service training

A successful client has the following skills and qualifications:

  • An undergrad or higher degree in kinesiology

  • 2+ years experience providing kinesiology services including personal training and rehab

  • Current standing in the BCAK including professional liability insurance

  • Standard First Aid

  • Solid written and spoken communication skills

  • An upbeat personality and willingness to accommodate others

  • Compassion, creativity and a drive for lifelong learning

The following attributes will be given special consideration

  • Flexible schedule

  • A client base to bring to our facility

  • Aspirations to make kinesiology and management a career

  • Sales experience or community engagement experience

  • A broad personal network and a willingness to attract new clients

We offer our contractors competitive compensation for all hours worked and a bonus based on total shifts worked paid annually.

Please submit your application here: