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Bounce Back. Press Forward.

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What our clients are saying…

I have been training with Symmetrix for 23 years now. The quality and knowledge of the trainers and effectiveness has been consistent throughout. Highly recommended!
— Gary
I was struggling with bad hip and foot issues and kept hitting the wall when trying to exercise on my own... my pain is improving and I’m getting my back into shape! I am now working out regularly using her program and feeling the best I have in several years thanks to Dasha and her team. I would highly recommend!
— Joan
I came in with an issue and was feeling better after a thorough assessment and some great exercises. I highly recommend Symmetrix to anyone needing to bounce back!
— Justin


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Staying Healthy During Your Vancouver Staycation

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How Fitness Trackers Can Help You Live Healthier

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Private Training Studio


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Our Mission

We’re elevating kinesiology for a more functional world


We’re in it to get people moving. We build activity into the lives or our community members because we’ve seen how much it makes our world better.

  • We believe the evidence: everyone is better off with more movement in their life

  • We want to be a kinesiology hub where kinesiologists can grow their careers, and where clients, our growing community and British Columbians understand its benefits 

  • We know healthy people and a healthy environment create a healthy planet

Our Studio

We are a private studio in Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver

For 28 years Symmetrix has been providing our clients with high quality personal training and exercise rehabilitation services. We take a professional and science-based approach in improving physical health and motivate a healthier bodies through movement and an attitude of lifelong learning.


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We’re proud to be based in Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver, come say hi!

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